Our Promise to Give

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is, “Why does Per Diems Against Poverty give 100% of all donations to your cause?”  The answer is simple: our goal is to do as much good as possible with as little means as possible used to run our organization.  Our giving statement is supported by our Core Values, which guide every decision we make, the programs we develop, and the partnerships we pursue.  Our success is not based upon having access to latest and greatest that money can buy.  Our success will be determined by our undeterred desire to help those struggling with hunger and our commitment to doing the hard work necessary to see our vision through.  

The 100% model is not common among even the most frugal of charities; however, we wanted to make sure that Frugality is constant throughout all levels of our organization.  We actually adopted this model from another exemplary nonprofit, Teammates for Kids, founded by Garth Brooks in 1999. (See Forbes article). Teammates for Kids was one of the first charities to donate 100% of the funds it receives from professional athletes to the communities it serves.

Surprisingly, many charities donate as little as 70% of their donations to their causes, using the rest for overhead, marketing, and fundraising. The 100% model struck a chord with us instantly. All of our operational expenses are covered by private funds or grants, never from our per diem donors.  We will operate as cost efficiently as possible, and while our offices may not be among the most impressive in the nonprofit sector, we can assure you that we will not be surpassed in our giving.

Coinciding with our giving statement, we also operate with 100% Transparency.  This ensures that our donors and partners are able to see for themselves that we ALWAYS adhere to our giving standard.  We recognize the fact that without our generous donors and supporters, we are only a dream; therefore, we make all of our financial and tax statements public for all former, current, and prospective donors, both public and private, to see.  As stated in The Heart of Every Decision, there are no secrets to the success we’ll experience through the lives of those our organization has touched.  Transparency is also vital within our organization.  We make collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making a top priority.  All ideas and points of view are valued, and no solo decisions are made.  

Our mutual respect extends beyond our organization to not only those who give but to those who receive.  By giving 100% of the donations we receive to Feeding America, we hope to communicate our full compassion and commitment to those we serve. Neither a surplus nor a lack of funds will strengthen or weaken our resolve to fight hunger in America.